Downdraft Tables

AerPro offers two styles of downdraft benches for the collection of dust and fumes from buffing, grinding, polishing, and welding, sanding, and other manufacturing operations. The base model has no side shields which allows for greater control of the dust generated during grinding operations or oter operations where the particulate is release with high energy or velocity. These systems can be fitted to other AerPro products such as the WetAer wet dust collector or for central dry systems, such as cyclone, bag, or cartridge depending upon the application. Always consult with your AerPro distributor for proper recommendation.

The AerPro Model SB-800DT is a compact, modular cost-effective downdraft table. It solves in-plant dust/smoke control problems in a wide variety of applications that include the chemical, metalworking, pharmaceutical, food, and wood-working industries






Features & Benefits:

  • – Quiet at 66 dBA
  • – Ergonomic Design wit 6″ Table over hand and 4.5″ of toe room.
  • – Non-sparking all aluminum work surfaces and side panels. (Steel top optional)
  • – All stainless table hardware; latches and hinges
  • – Time proven shaker bag filter cleaning.



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